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Questions fréquentes

How to book a driver?

you need to do a price simulation for your trip using our pricing tool and if the price suits you, you just have to validate your trip.

Do you need a driver immediately? Call directly (+33) 06 15 80 70 49 or ask be recalled for free.

Can I order more than one vehicle?

Yes, you can order more than one vehicle by making several reservations without waiting for the end of the current race.

If you want to order a race for more than 4 people, it is advisable to choose our VAN range which has enough seats for all passengers.

If you would like to book for a group that is too large, please contact us directly by email at (+33) 06 15 80 70 49 or use our contact form .

What happens if my flight is late or early?

At the time of your booking, we ask for your flight number to anticipate any delays or advances, which is why it is important to provide us with your flight number.

Important :
In order to facilitate your meeting with your driver at the airport, the meeting point is defined at the exit of the baggage hall. The driver will welcome you with a name sign.

Do not forget to fill in your flight number when booking.

How to cancel a reservation?

To cancel a reservation up to 24 hours before departure, just contact us by email at the following address: contact@lille.cab or use our contact form.

To cancel a booking less than 24 hours before departure, contact us directly at (+33) 06 15 80 70 49 .

What happens if the driver is late?

Your driver may be up to 10 minutes late depending on traffic conditions. For a delay of more than 10 minutes, if you decide not to wait, the race is fully refunded.

Are my bank details stored?

We never store any bank data, all your data is encrypted securely with our partner service provider Paypal and Stripe.

Can not find answers to your questions?

Call us at (+33) 06 15 80 70 49 or contact us by mail we will answer you 24h / 24 weekends and holidays included

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